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PartCat is an award-winning cataloging system and is the most complete PIM system in the industry, trusted daily by over 25% of the top 100 aftermarket suppliers. With its easy to use interface and powerful built-in functionalities, manage all your catalog information in one place. Ultimately, PartCat can be utilised by a variety of stakeholders, from Auto parts manufacturers, distributors to retailers.

One place for all your cataloging needs


Input all your product and fitment data in one place with our all-in-one system. Never worry again about inputting wrong information to your catalog, our ACES and NAPA validators ensures you won’t ever make that mistake.


Maintain and keep your data up-to-date seamlessly while you run your business with AI level functionality. Simultaneously, PartCat ensures your catalog information is clean and compliant with the latest standards.


Data by itself is important, but reports are crucial in its management. Expand product and coverage data with built-in tools such as Coverage and Gap analyses, multi-level VIO reports, OEM reports, product development reports, and carryovers.


Whether it’s on-the-go or automated, generate all your industry-standard electronic files from PartCat within minutes. We also provide custom-built outputs for all specific needs, including PDF, Web, ERP, SAP, and others.
Why you need PartCat
  • Host and protect your data: An In-house set up lets you to own your data, maximize security, and bridge it to your ERP and SAP to interconnect your data.
  • No Limits: Don’t worry about expanding your product offering; maintain an unlimited number of brands and part numbers.
  • ACES and PIES: Generate receiver-compliant ACES and PIES electronic files within minutes!
  • Accuracy: PartCat validates and highlights imprecisions in your data with receiver approval on the first try.
  • NAPA Bridge: Eliminate input redundancies with our unique NAPA bridge functionality that automatically translates all your ACES information to the NAPA format.
  • Automated Outputs: Save time by automating the output of your electronic files
  • Assessment Reports Automation: Increase your efficiency by automating the analysis of receiver assessment reports against your data.
  • Product Coverage Expansion: Increase your coverage with cutting-edge reports that highlight holes and potential fits.
  • User-friendly: Short learning curve with an easy to navigate interface and easy-to-use Excel templates.
  • Complete Support: Unlimited training and tech support to all employees.
  • Complete Control:  With sophisticated admin tools and unlimited user logins, keep control over who is accessing what, when, and where
  • Robust System: Sustains and processes millions of records.
  • Custom Developments: Custom work and reports built to your specs.
  • No Strings Attached: Forget long-term contracts, say hello to a month-to-month plan.
  • Constant Development:  Ongoing enhancements to overcome any industry challenges.

Change the way you manage your visual assets. With IMAGO, a built-in visual asset management tool, you only have to maintain one set of files (images videos, pdf…etc.) for all your receivers. Why is it the best in the market?

  • Net Change Functionality: Through DNA Technologies, send out only changed images.
  • Support 360 images: Make your products a reality, integrate 360 images to your electronic catalog.
  • IMAGO-to-PIES Integration: Gone are the days of manually filtering your visual assets, IMAGO automates the entire process for you.
  • Full Visual Asset Management: IMAGO supports all types of visual assets with the ability to rename and adjust your files to your receivers’ requirements.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Keep track of any missing images; IMAGO’s reports highlight any discrepancies between parts and visual assets.