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PARTCAT is the Automotive Industry premier PIM Solution. Used daily by over 25% of the top 100 companies of the automotive industry. With its easy to use interface and powerful built-in functionalities, you can manage all your product information in one place, including pricing, digital assets and much more.

Data Management

Clean and precise data is a crucial and tactical advantage in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. At JNPSoft, we ensure that all data sent to receivers is accurate and validated. Arm yourself with the best team of data experts on the market and surpass your competition.

Who we are

JNPSoft provides tools to help aftermarket auto part suppliers with the mapping, maintenance, development and publishing of their catalog data in formats such as Legacy, ACES, PIES, NAPA, web, pdf and more. Ultimately, our Cataloging Solutions – PartCat, Data Management, MyPartFinder, and combined team of developers and product managers – makes JNPSoft the leader in the market.

ACES & PIES Files Monthly

JNPSoft’s goal is to be the reference for all auto parts cataloging needs by providing catered solutions for the North American aftermarket.


«JNPSoft has provided us with an efficient cost effective solution to get our catalog data to our customers quickly and easily while also delivering a robust internal catalog system that supports our Technical Parts Support team.  With their ability to address ACES & PIES standards along with Napa Standards and the many tools they have in place has allowed us to always meet and in many instances exceed our customer’s needs.»

Patti Corso
Winhere Brake Parts

«The DENSO Catalog Content Development Team has used PartCat since 2006.  We greatly benefit from this single solution for ACES, PIES, Interchange, and Digital Asset Management.  We have leveraged PartCat's integrated tools and user-defined customization capabilities to push catalog content to our customer-facing websites.  DENSO has received numerous awards from customers, data receivers, and channel partners for data excellence.  JNPSoft's customer service is unmatched.»

Duane H. Meadows

"We have been using PartCat for over four years and are very pleased with it. It provides a user-friendly interface, excellent data analysis tools, reporting tools, mass update capabilities, and the best customer service we could ask for. Kudos to the JNP team for developing such a well thought out catalog system and for keeping that system current to the continually evolving standards of the North American Automotive Aftermarket."

Cheryl Krabbenbos
Delphi Technologies